About OPA

The Organisation of Professionals Associations of Sri Lanka (OPA), the Apex Body of Professional Associations was established in the year 1975 and at the formative level, the OPA consisted of eleven Associations.

The OPA was formed under the Aggies of the Commonwealth Foundation. Since then, the OPA has developed to a unique organization and even the Commonwealth Foundation Officials were of the opinion that the OPA is the most powerful Professional Organization in the Commonwealth. It may be prudent to state that the OPA is the Professional Association with widest coverage in the whole world.

The OPA consist of 48 affiliated Professional Organisations with Professional representatives of more than 60,000 as a very conservative estimation.

The OPA is a civic society organization not only for the Professionals but also to serve the Nation with dignity and aplomb. Our significant contributions on National Issues and Constitutional Amendments have had far reaching effect for the betterment of the society at large.

The first Annual Conference was held in the year 1988 when Deshabandu Dr. (Archt.) Surath Wickramasinghe was the President of the OPA. Since then, 30 Annual Conferences were held annually focussing on an important theme/issue with special emphasis on the Government intervention and Private Sector participation.

Presently various Committees steered by the Professionals at the OPA disseminate national issues and Professional issues and consist of many other events of importance.

It should be said that the OPA could contribute further towards the betterment of the society upon the invitation of the governing authorities, granted the opportunity to do so.